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Welcome to the new web site and blog!

I started RunRev Coaching in January 2023. I have been running since 2012 and wanted to help grow and encourage the running community that has meant so much to me. This web site and blog are the beginning of that new journey.

The Past

I blogged a little personally before over at Running Rev Collins and I have left all the previous articles there for your viewing pleasure to see where I’ve come from.

The Future

Where that blog was more of a personal journey. It is more my hope this will be more of a supportive journey. My hope and plan is to share things that will help you in your athletic journy. Thanks for coming along and supporting me.

Would you help me spread the word??

As I start this journey, will you help me out by sharing the word. Can you tell otehrs aboutthe blog, web site, or social medias? I’d greatly appreciate it.

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