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What’s New?

There are somsome new things happening with RunRev Coaching that I wanted to share with yyou. New Instagram Profile I am combining all my Instagram profiles into one. I had 3 seperate ptofiles. It was getting chaotic maintaing all of them. I made the choice to migrate into one and gave it a new name. Thus, @RunRevCoach_Gerald is born. IG Profile New Business Coach I want RunRev Coaching to be the best business it can be. That’s why i hired Coach Michelle Lakes as my business coach. She is an…

80/20 Enduarnce Zones

Good Evening All, HI thought I’d share some details as to why Matt and David choose to divide the zones the way they did. First, let’s start by defining some terms VT1 = Ventilatory Threshold 1: The first point at which an athlete’s breathing rate… Read More »80/20 Enduarnce Zones